THRIFT FINDS: Palm Springs

I've recently developed mad love for Palm Springs, so I was super excited when our friends organized a trip this past weekend.  In between swimming and pool side BBQing, Paul and I were able to sneak in a little thrift store shopping.  Below are a few of the pieces I brought home for upcoming projects:

Palm Springs Thrifting Loot

Native American Baskets:  I've had these on my "flea market wish list" for a while now, but never quite found the right ones for the right price.  These were in particularly good condition and I really like the colorful but simple patterns.

Brass Trumpet: Super excited to incorporate my love for vintage brass into this year's holiday stylings.  Stay tuned!

Duck Bookends: I tend to purchase these every so often with upcoming friends' shelfies in mind.  The pair on the left is more traditional, while the ones on the right are different from the ones I usually see... and could be killer on a kid's shelf. 

Wooden Apple: Another good shelfie styling tool that will come in handy placed over a stack of books.

Green Vase: I'm always looking for vases in different styles, shapes and colors.  This was a no brainer.

AND here some items I LOVED, but sadly had to pass up:

Palm Tree Chandelier

Retro Palm Chandelier, $45. If only I had a place for it...  I picture it in a minimal breakfast nook above a white tulip table, against dark green walls.  So fun!

Rattan Shelf

Rattan Bookshelf, $65.  Vintage stores in LA would charge at least triple for this.  It was very hard to walk away, but we didn't have a car big enough to transport it back.  I would have lacquer spray painted it in white, black, navy (or even emerald green) and styled the heck out of it!!  RIP to this perfect shelfie opportunity!!

Abstract Art, $250 (marked down from $350). Beautiful painting with a quality silver frame.  Light and bright, but not too pastel for my taste.  I kinda regret not getting it because I'm definitely in need of a good piece of abstract art in my home.

vintage fan

Vintage fan, $8.  Love the idea of collecting a few of these and hanging them on an entry way wall.

rattan chair

Rattan Chair, $30.  Swap out the outdated pillow for a fun indigo one coupled with a white ikea fur throw and you have yourself a sweet little corner chair with lots of personality.  We actually snagged this for our friend who's a self-proclaimed chair hoarder and she's super happy!

Can't wait for my next Palm Springs thrifting opportunity!!

GIFT IDEA: Whimsical Serveware

I recently discovered some seriously fun trays at West Elm...

From the moment I saw it, I knew this CAMPING PERMIT tray was the perfect gift for my friend Ame!  Otherwise knows as "REI Ame," she's an avid hiker, mountain biker, camper and all around outdoorsy girl.  Paired with moscow mules and some rustic goji berry trail mix, we were able to create the perfect camping-inspired happy hour (without the whole sleeping in a tent thing)!!

The company behind these trays is called Fishs Eddy and you can find some of their serveware at West Elm or directly at their site.  Here are a few others that would be fun gifts:

fish eddy page.jpg

Clockwise from top left: Rx Prescription Pad Tray // Airline Ticket Tray // Beach Rules Tray // While You Were Out Tray // Obama Birth Certificate Tray // Parking Violation Tray // Guest Check Tray // Health Grade B Tray (also available in Health Grade A)


I've been slowly but surely introducing Paul to color and accessories since I met him.  Why are guys so anti-accessory?!?  He has amazing taste, but his bedroom has been in a painfully stale state of brown on tan (on even MORE brown) for years.

We are still in the process of perfecting the bedroom, but this is our first attempt at pushing his limits, while also retaining some masculinity.   The side table and rug colors are fun and playful, but remain grounded with the addition of black, grey and brass accessories.

That being said, my greatest decorating success with Paul was buying that face vase at the flea and then having him steal it for his house.  As much as I love it, I was happy to hand it over knowing that he was coming around on adding some styling pieces to his home.  Mind you...I've told him that there will be a significant mark up...I bought it for $25, but I'm thinking about charging him at least $500!!

Here's how to get the look:

Clockwise from Top left: // Face Vase (for other face vase ideas, see this post) // Marble Soap dish (I use this as a jewelry or coin holder) // Cassiopeia Water Glass //  Black/Brass Lamp (only $44 from Target Threshold) // Soapstone Whale Object // Teal Campaign Nightstand // Abstract Pillow (mine is sold out at West Elm but this one is similar) // Organic Grey Blanket (this is one of my favorite blankets...perfect as an added bed layer in the winter or alone with a sheet in the summer)

PS- I just LOVE that black/brass Target lamp!!  They have it in a few other options and I don't think I could choose which one I love the most! Soooo good!!


In the midst of redecorating Paul's Bedroom, I decided that mine also needed a little re-vamp. Jealous much?!?  Nothing major, but I've found that moving things around can bring new energy to a space...  So I brought in my favorite Cuban hand peace sign from the entry way and moved my Anthropologie Jewelry box from my vanity.  But, by far, the best change was placing my IKEA furs on the headboard.  I can't believe I hadn't thought of this before!  It adds the perfect touch of texture and tranquility to the room.

Here's how to GET THE LOOK:

Clockwise from top left: Nailhead Upholstered Headboard in Linen Weave Steel Grey // STYLED The Book by Emily Henderson // Gold Jewelry Box: mine is sold out but these are similar. // RENS Sheepskin: Note that IKEA sells two different kinds of these...The RENS for $29.99 is much softer vs. the TJEN for $12.99 // Peace Sign Figure:  This one is a splurge, but see this post for some other "hands-y" ideas //  Midcentury Nightstand // Jacquard Leaf Duvet Cover + Shams in Flax //  Fringe Pillow: mine is sold-old (Nate Berkus for Target), but this one is also fun // Also: the brass lamp in the photo is Target.  It goes in and out of stock.  See this post for more info.

PS- I am LOVING Emily Henderson's book!  As a huge fan, I had great expectations...and she's exceeded all of them.  If you love design and decor as much as I do, OR simply want some styling tips for your home, this is a great buy!  Plus, it's super pretty addition to any #shelfie or coffee table.

PPS- My penchant for West Elm items surely must be apparent here.  If you love them as much as I do and want to show off your bed side, join me in posting pics on Instagram with #ByMyBed.

BEST OF: Nate Berkus for Target 2015 Fall / Holiday Collection

Launched this past Sunday, the latest Nate Berkus for Target Holiday Collection is just as metallic, fun and on-trend as ever.  Below are my three favorite picks from the collection.  In fact, I ordered the first two online last night.  Because...well...CHEESE.

Like many Target pieces, I suggest a good in-person meeting to assess quality and potential longevity BEFORE finding a permanent place within your home.  While many of these faux metalics pass the test, some can fall flat, scratch easily and tarnish quickly.


Gold Cheese Utensils $16.99

Gold Cheese Utensils $16.99

Wooden Cheese Board $24.99

Wooden Cheese Board $24.99

Round Gold Accent Table with Marble Top (far right) $89.99

Round Gold Accent Table with Marble Top (far right) $89.99

And while we're at it, I must mention two Anthropologie pieces, I've had my eye on.  Truth be told, the first looks very similar the the above-mentioned Nate Berkus cheese knives. Great minds think alike?

Mother-Of-Pearl Bottle Opener $14

Mother-Of-Pearl Bottle Opener $14

Gilded Pretzel Bottle Opener $4.95 (on sale)

Gilded Pretzel Bottle Opener $4.95 (on sale)

BEST OF: CB2 Lenny Kravitz Collection

Just launched today, CB2 x Kravitz Design is a collaboration from CB2 and rocker/actor/Hunger Games-er, Lenny Kravitz.  The line of glam, 70's-inspired-but-modern design pieces are richer than your typical CB2 fare, but there are a few showstoppers that might be well worth the investment.  Here are my top 3 picks from the collection:

The line is on pre-shop for CB2 Insiders today/tomorrow and then available for the masses starting October 1sr, 2015.  ARE YOU GONNA GO MY WAY (and invest in one of these pieces)?!?  Sorry...I couldn't resist a pathetic attempt at fitting in a Lenny Kravitz lyrics reference. That's why it's all the way down here vs. at the top of the post ;)


The 2016 IKEA catalog arrived a couple weeks ago and there's lots to be excited about, primarily the soon-to-be released SINNERLIG and SITTNING collections!!

Available October 2015, SINNERLIG by Ilse Crawford is a gorgeous collection of neutral furnishings made from sustainable materials.  My favorites are the woven bench, cork stool and all the beautiful dark ceramics:

Similarly impressive, the SITTNING collection is a line of serveware made from natural materials (stone, acacia, glass and cotton) and is available for a limited time come September 2015.  At a price point of $4.99 each, I might hoard myself a large batch of these pretty stone tea-light holders. 

And while we're at it, below is a good sampling of the IKEA pieces I've coveted over the past few years (links included):

Images gathered from & Pinterest

PARTY DECOR: Shaping up!

We were very excited to host a very special 1st birthday party this past weekend.  And while I like balloons and confetti as much as the next girl, I was adamant about finding a decorating alternative to your typical baby birthday decor.

Lucky for us, my good friend Lauren at Lavender Grey Events had the perfect solution with her collection of beautiful gold geometric shapes, which we strung in a few different clusters throughout the back yard and used in the table centerpieces.

For the hanging pieces, we used fishing wire and varied the shapes and sizes (small, medium and large diamonds, triangles, octagons, etc), careful not to overdue it and have the place look like CHRISTMAS! 

In decor and in life, I tend to abide by the RULE OF 3's... so we added 2 geo shapes for every pretty succulent table arrangement (also arranged in 3's).

The hanging shapes are hard to capture in photos, but below gives a good idea of how we incorporated them:

For a better look at the shapes, here are some pics from past Lavender Grey events:

For those of you in Southern California, these are available for rent via Lavender Grey Events.  And stay tuned for their DIY tutorial so you can create these geo shapes on your own.  I'll post when it's live.

Aside from the decor, I had so much fun styling the food.  When the guest of honor (okay, his mom) asked me to do one of my "famous cheese plates," I jumped at the chance to try something new.  I generally cluster my cheeses and let guests cut themselves, but this time I wanted to pre-cut and layer the various accoutrements to create a different look.  I can't wait to try another one soon.

HANDS DOWN: Favorite Styling Pieces.

Like many of the items on my wish list, I first saw these cool hands on Emily Henderson's Blog:

I've been on the hunt ever since and scored two great wooden hands in Cuba this year, both of which are in constant styling rotation throughout the house.  I have a third one from Brazil, however (given it's height), it's been harder to style. Hopefully, I'll find the perfect place soon.

I'm not satisfied with having just three, so I've scoured the interwebs to find the best of options out there... from the more opulent Kelly Wearstler pieces to some cheaper alternatives.  Sadly, great wooden ones are hard to come by.  If I was smart, I would have packed a suitcase full of them in Cuba.  In the meantime, I will keep my eye out at the flea markets!!


I've had this fancy litter box in my Amazon shopping cart for the past 3 years, but with its $180 price point, I had a hard time committing at check out.  A few weeks ago, I finally did the deed...

THE VERDICT: worth every penny!!  The litter "run-over" has decreased by at least 80%, which means a lot less sweeping every morning.

I'm lucky to have space for Draper's litter out-of-plain-site, but this box is sleek enough to be displayed in homes without litter hiding spaces.

Modkat = Happy kitty!


There's no reason to wait until the holidays to adorn your house with shimmer!  Bright gold and brass accents are perfect summer hues, especially when paired with fresh greens.  Here's how I styled my favorite West Elm Dumont Buffet for entertaining during the sunny season:


Get a similar look with a sampling of these textured whites, bright greens & shimmering golds:  (RECCO: use arrows to scroll unless you want to go to product page)

BEST OF: CB2 Fall Line

Summer's barely begun when inboxes are inundated with retailer's prompting us to check out their new Fall lines.  And while I mentally can't fathom the thought of actual Fall yet, I jump at the chance to explore the season's trends and compile my wishlists.

I'm a pretty big fan of CB2.  The overall aesthetic is a little more modern and sleek than my own, but they are a great go-to for affordable serveware (i.e. bowls, cutting boards, cheese plates) and quirky accessories (i.e. vases, planters, candle holders).  In fact, for the price, I am continually surprised by the heaviness and durability of the ceramics.

Here are my favorite picks from CB2's new arrivals.  While there are still plenty of the brand's characteristic bright teals, oranges and graphic prints, they've given us some great neutrals this season (wood, brass, cream, and pretty caramel leathers): RECCO: use the arrows to scroll and click on the underlined hyperlink vs. the pic for product page

NOTE: Always read dimensions before purchases. Oftentimes, CB2's items run a bit smaller than you think. Given the retailers modern focus... the beds, nightstands and coffee tables tend to be low to the ground (and subsequently smaller in scale).


Ring cones are giving traditional trinket dishes a run for their money when it comes to jewelery display.  Here's a round up of my favorites, including some homemade options from ETSY:

And, if you like the look, but are all set on jewelry storage, Anthropologie makes this Tipsy Paperweight (on sale now):


I've been obsessed with face planters since first discovering them in the homes of Bri Emery and Oh Joy (via Emily Henderson's blog).



Here's a round up of some of my favorites.  From a Jonathan Adler splurge to some Etsy steals:

PS- I just love the Jonathan Adler UTOPIA line!  There's a good mix of affordable accessories...all very fun pieces, incorporating his characteristic sense of humor.  This one is on my wishlist:

UPDATE: I found this awesome vase at the Rose Bowl Flea Market this weekend.  So excited to add another to my collection:


The coveted Brass Task Lamp from Target.  I've gotten my fair share of table lamps from Target, but this one is far and away the best.  It's heavy, durable and real pretty.

10% with code SUMMER for the next few days.

Threshold Brass Task Lamp $56.99

Threshold Brass Task Lamp $56.99

I snagged one of these right before it sold out last year.  Since then, I've used it all over my house: on my vanity, in my entry way and on my bed side table.  I've been crossing my fingers that it would come back, so I could finally have matching ones on each side of the bed.

WARNING: This is best for task lighting.  Given the heavy brass, the light wont illuminate throughout the room like a lamp with a shade might do.  The light is very focused. For me, it's the perfect bed side lamp.

Here are some other great lamps from Target right now:

SHELFIE TIP: Under the Covers

Not all bookshelves must have books.  And some can have far too many...all haphazardly crammed in!

For me, books are perfect styling tools.  They add height, color and an opportunity to better display your most cherished accessories.  But the first step in styling with books should always be taking off the sleeves. 

Have you ever looked under the covers?  Once you strip away the glossy and image-laden overcoats, you'll find simple and beautiful canvases in bright whites or dark purple/navy/black hues with pretty embossed gold and silver writing.

BEFORE/AFTER: Here's one of my piles of sleeves and then a close-up of the pretty books. 

Here's how I used them in my shelfies below.  They certainly never take center stage, but they are the unsung styling heros of each vignette ;)