PARTY DECOR: Shaping up!

We were very excited to host a very special 1st birthday party this past weekend.  And while I like balloons and confetti as much as the next girl, I was adamant about finding a decorating alternative to your typical baby birthday decor.

Lucky for us, my good friend Lauren at Lavender Grey Events had the perfect solution with her collection of beautiful gold geometric shapes, which we strung in a few different clusters throughout the back yard and used in the table centerpieces.

For the hanging pieces, we used fishing wire and varied the shapes and sizes (small, medium and large diamonds, triangles, octagons, etc), careful not to overdue it and have the place look like CHRISTMAS! 

In decor and in life, I tend to abide by the RULE OF 3's... so we added 2 geo shapes for every pretty succulent table arrangement (also arranged in 3's).

The hanging shapes are hard to capture in photos, but below gives a good idea of how we incorporated them:

For a better look at the shapes, here are some pics from past Lavender Grey events:

For those of you in Southern California, these are available for rent via Lavender Grey Events.  And stay tuned for their DIY tutorial so you can create these geo shapes on your own.  I'll post when it's live.

Aside from the decor, I had so much fun styling the food.  When the guest of honor (okay, his mom) asked me to do one of my "famous cheese plates," I jumped at the chance to try something new.  I generally cluster my cheeses and let guests cut themselves, but this time I wanted to pre-cut and layer the various accoutrements to create a different look.  I can't wait to try another one soon.