BEST OF: CB2 Lenny Kravitz Collection

Just launched today, CB2 x Kravitz Design is a collaboration from CB2 and rocker/actor/Hunger Games-er, Lenny Kravitz.  The line of glam, 70's-inspired-but-modern design pieces are richer than your typical CB2 fare, but there are a few showstoppers that might be well worth the investment.  Here are my top 3 picks from the collection:

The line is on pre-shop for CB2 Insiders today/tomorrow and then available for the masses starting October 1sr, 2015.  ARE YOU GONNA GO MY WAY (and invest in one of these pieces)?!?  Sorry...I couldn't resist a pathetic attempt at fitting in a Lenny Kravitz lyrics reference. That's why it's all the way down here vs. at the top of the post ;)