Best Boards on the Market

Now that we have our "one-stop cheese plate shopping list," let's talk about the best boards to display that charcuterie on...

My ideal board is round with approximately 15-17in circumference and a little lip that makes it easy to transport.  Whether that's carrying it from the kitchen to the dining room or wrapping it up in tinfoil and bringing to a friends house, a lip is always appreciated for a smooth transition.   I've traditionally had lots of luck finding great options at HomeGoods.  However, a trip to HomeGoods can be hit or miss (oftentimes only finding random boards with silly embellishments or weird sayings).  "Home" might be "where the heart is," BUT there's a time and place for that... AND I don't want to see it in cursive under my cheese ;)

Aside from round, I also love the look of a rustic rectangle cutting board or square piece.  So, in the interest of rounding up the best boards for your holiday gatherings, here are some shoppable boards you can snag in time for your next cheese plate.

**UPDATE** Since writing this post, I've found an affordable, round board that I absolutely love.  If you're in the market for your first board, check this one from Target out.  It's 15in and here's an example of a cheese board and a dessert board I've made on it:

Target Hearth & Hand Magnolia Acacia Platter Cheese Board Dessert Board

And here's a round-up of other amazing options from around the web:


1. Mango Wood Board // Sur La Table // 20in. Heavy // $60 This board is heavy and gorgeous.  On the larger end, so best for entertaining large parties.  But it's also perfect for entertaining with other meals.  I'm picturing a big loaf of cut bread and a few bowls of tomato soup :)

2. Boos Cutting Board // Sur La Table // 18in x 12in and 21in x 17in // $99 and $149; I LOVE THESE!! Heavy, great quality.  I'll be doing a GIVEAWAY in December so stay tuned. 

3. Acacia Wood Cutting Board // Target // 15in // $24.99; From the famous Hearth & Hand Magnolia line.  Great size.

4. Cutting Board w/ Handle // Sur La Table // 14in and 19in // $69.95 and $105 // These are a little in between sizes.  The 14in for smaller gatherings and the 19in for larger.

5. Lazy Susan // Sur La Table // 18in Heavy // $50.  I mean, you can't go wrong with a lazy susan.  Just twirl that cheese around so everyone gets a good piece!

6. Professional Style Cutting Board // Target // 24in x 18in // $55.99.  Less expensive alternative to the Boos option.


7. Acacia Wood Cutting/Serving Board // Target // 12in x 16in // $19.99

8. Two-Tone Round Inlay Board // Target // 13in round plus handle // $19.99 : Veering towards the smaller end, but fun and cute.

9. Round Footed Tray // Target // 13in Large size // $19.99; Good for smaller gatherings. Another from the Hearth & Hand line. If not for cheese, great styling piece for the kitchen.

10. Cuff Wood Server // CB2 // 13in x 10.75in (wood area) // $29.95.  CB2 makes some of my favorite serving platters.  The bronze handle ads a nice touch.

11. Marble Lazy Susan // CB2 // 14inx14in // $49.95.  Square lazy susan? Sign me up!

12. Woodblock Cheese Board // Anthropologie // 13in x 11.5in // $48.


13. Festive Marble Cheese Board //Anthropologie // 24in x 9in // $118.  "Don't mind if I..." throw in a fun option for good measure. 

14. Paddle Cutting Board // World Market // 13in x 35in $59.99.  Perfect for a holiday grazing board.

And, for reference, here are some of my favorite boards and how much food can fit on each:


Happy cheese-plate making, everyone!!  Remember to tag @ainttooproudtomeg in your pics!!



GIFT GUIDE: Valentine's Day Ideas for the Home Decor Lover

Up until last night, this was my Valentine's Day wishlist.  But then Beyoncé went and sneakily announced her Formation World Tour... and everyone knows Beyoncé is the way to a girls heart.  Soooo...Paul, I hope you are listening!! VIP box seats preferred ;)

For those of you that don't have Beyoncé on your list, here are some household items I've been coveting that would make great gifts for that special someone, a good friend or yourself!!

Clockwise from top left:

Marble Bookends $135 - Kinda 80's, kinda awesome.

Wood & Marble Duo Server $180 - Choosing between a marble or a wood cutting board is like choosing your favorite Helmsworth brother: It depends on your mood, but if you could get two at the same time, why wouldn't you?!?

West Elm Hedgehog Planter $14 - Animal planters are the new face planters. Get 'em while they're hot!

Anthropologie Tall Pitcher $98 - So simple, so pretty.  One day, when I have my dream summer home in Mexico, I'll take dips in the pool and whip up batches of margs using this pitcher.   Picture those enviable paparazzi shots that surface every year of Jen Anniston and Chelsea Handler vacationing in some beautiful Mexican Hacienda.  Yep..that's exactly what it'll be like.  PS- Have you checked out "Chelsea Does" on Netflix yet?  Good stuff!

Jonathan Adler Ceramic Gazelle $150 -  Tall, sculptural and a great talking piece.

Indigo Arrows Pillow $88 - Neutral, modern and fun.

Black & White Cups $10 each - These ceramic cups are from Japan.  I'd love to fill them up with cold Sapporo, invite my best girlfriends over and order Sugar Fish for delivery.

Clement Pedestal $150 - Great pattern that reminds me of the Atelier Stella ceramics I'm forever coveting.

Ceramic Bells $135 - I saw these in Emily Henderson's living room re-do a little while back...they've been on my wishlist ever since.

Crate & Barrel Marble Fruit Bowl $49.95 - The Pedestal shape is great for styling.  Grab a bunch of tangerines, limes or even artichokes and place it in center of your table for a simple, but elegant everyday centerpiece.


Ring cones are giving traditional trinket dishes a run for their money when it comes to jewelery display.  Here's a round up of my favorites, including some homemade options from ETSY:

And, if you like the look, but are all set on jewelry storage, Anthropologie makes this Tipsy Paperweight (on sale now):