Easter Grazing Board

I've been really into the idea of grazing boards lately. Loading up on a little bit of everything so everyone is happy!! Combining the best of both worlds, I used a sampling of traditional Easter candies alongside some savory cheeses & healthy options.

Easter Cheese Plate 1 Peeps


One trip down the Easter aisle in Target and you can snag ALL THE THINGS pastel (m&m's, jelly's, etc). From Cadbury Mini Eggs to Annie's Bunny Grahams to the obligatory chocolate bunny AND pink Peeps, it's Easter Candy Heaven over there!!

To make the chocolate almond dip even more festive, place it in an egg-shaped dish and make pretty swirls ala a fancy Fabergé egg.

For garnish, it's all about the chamomile flower!  Get a nice big bunch at your local grocery (I found mine at Whole Foods) and place it all around the sweet side. You can even make a fun design in the chocolate dip or place it on top of the peeps like a flower crown ;)

Wood Board from Sur La Table.

Easter Cheese Plate 2 Sweet Peeps Cadbury
Easter Cheese Plate 3 Sweet Peeps Cadbury
Easter Cheese Plate 4 Sweet Peeps


To balance it out, load up healthy options, like fresh fruits and veggies. Bright green grapes, romanesco, snap peas and kiwis are particularly fitting for the holiday.

Fill up a similar egg-shaped dish with creamy goat cheese and garnish with lavender for a fun spring-time feel...

Easter Cheese Plate 6 Sweet Peeps Boursin
Easter Cheese Plate 7 veggie boursin

Happy Spring, everyone! Be sure to share your creations with #AintTooProudToCheese.

Academy Awards Grazing Board

One of my favorite traditions is watching the Oscars and making a cheese board in my mom's honor.  It's become a really special way to get creative and channel her energy.

This year, the goal was to create a big platter to set out and enjoy for the whole show, with a little bit of everything.  Equal parts sweet and savory, I wanted to make it slightly fancy with the chocolate-almond dip and edible star sprinkles, while still including some healthy options AND the obligatory “movie” snacks like popcorn and licorice. 



Herbed popcorn, mixed olives, assorted salami and cheeses, this side is similar to my typical cheese board offerings (with a fair amount of rosemary for garnish).



With the chocolate/almond spread and edible gold stars as the centerpiece, I added lots of fun items for dipping.  From assorted berries to peanut butter pretzels to caramel wafers and some fun rock candy, the range of dessert bites kept our sweet tooth satisfied throughout the show.

Oscar Cheese Board 7