GET THE LOOK: Monochomatic Moment

Normally one to style with lots of bright colors, I was a little intimidated when West Elm asked me to do a styling story using JUST black & white.  I chose the 3 spaces within my house that I constantly re-style (Entry Way, Living Room Bookshelf & Dining Room Buffet) then set out to create my very own monochromatic moment, inspired by their latest catalog.  The end product was a total success: I can’t tell you how much I love this modern and clean look in my home!! 

With my existing West Elm furniture pieces taking center stage, I was able to utilize a mix of new black & white accessories with some fun vintage finds.  In fact, my quest to find the perfect vintage pieces for this story turned out to be the most rewarding.  Enter 2 different, but beautiful black ceramic hands.  The first was the lone wolf left over from a set of bookends at the Melrose Flea.  Instead of using it to corral a set of books, I got creative and re-purposed it into a sunglass holder that now sits in my entry way reminding me to grab my sunnies on the way out.  The second hand is from an antique mall in Palm Springs... originally used as a business card holder, I converted into an air plant holder for the bookshelf by placing a round glass piece from an existing terrarium on top. 

These special touches combined with the most ridiculously fabulous West Elm Llama planter, allowed me to maintain my signature whimsy within the more simple and refined color palate. 

Check out the full post on West Elm's blog and read on for some additional styling tips (and Draper Kitty appearances) below.

The bones of my usual set up are not too far off from the new one.  Switching out colorful accessories didn't seem that difficult, but the idea of sourcing new art was intimidating and potentially expensive.  Enter Framebridge, a company who's making framing easy and afforable!  Once I decided that I wanted to use a photo of the Levitated Mass at LACMA (it's my favorite- I walk there at least once a week)... I took a morning stroll, snapped a few pics on my iPhone and uploaded the best one to their website for framing.  The frame is roughly 30x42in, their extra large option for $159.  It's insane that you can make an iPhone pic this big and still retain quality!!  NOTE that I edited the image size to 150dpi in Photoshop before uploading (go to IMAGE on the toolbar and select image size then change the pixels/inch to 150).  It's really easy...and if you don't have Photoshop, ask a takes less than 5 minutes.  But, had I opted for a slightly smaller frame, I could have uploaded the photo from my phone and placed the order in one fell swoop.  

PS- If you're in the market for easy framing, Framebridge was nice enough to offer this code for 15% your first purchase: PROUDMEG15.

Black ceramic bookend re-purposed as a sunglasses holder and a closer look at the quality of the Framebridge iPhone photo print.

Black ceramic bookend re-purposed as a sunglasses holder and a closer look at the quality of the Framebridge iPhone photo print.

If you know me, you know that I like to switch around my shelfies every so often (i.e. ALL THE TIME).  The trick to mixing various keepsakes (old and new) is sticking to a consistent color palate.  I've done everything from a bright spring-inspired scene to a jungalow-style earthy look  to a more beachy vibe. This was my first black & white venture and I was happy to see the various elements work together to create a sleek and stylish scene.

The above-mentioned hand terrarium sits alongside my Framebridge Mini and a collection of other vintage and retail pieces, with my face vase stealing the show (per usual).

As a host, I re-style my buffet often.  Whether loading it up with apps for an Oscar party or Christmas Decor for the holidays, it's the perfect blank canvas for style and function.  This "milk and cookies scene" is a nod to my love of all things Khloe Kardashian....have you seen her cookie jars?!?   In all honesty, I don't know how she keeps those sweet treats around.  I consumed most of the chocolate pretzels instantaneously and I'm really lucky I didn't love Trader Joe's O's because if they were real Oreos, they would have vanished before the photos were taken.

Sometimes I put a big art piece on the buffet, but for this I wanted to keep it simple.  I've been inspired by all the abstract B&W art trending in interiors lately, so I painted this little canvas one Sunday morning.  It's so easy that I'll being doing a step-by-step blog post and getting it framed soon.  Stay tuned :)

And here's how to GET THE LOOK:

1.  Potters Workshop Ceramic Bud Vase // 2.  Black and White Stripped Box // 3.  White Ceramic Bud Vase // 4.  Mid Century Console // 5.  Llama planter (currently sold out, but I've seen it go in and out of stock in the last couple months so it might come back) // 6.  White Ceramic Jug Vase // 7.  Vintage Ceramic Hands (found these ashtrays on Etsy, which could work for the terrarium DIY I noted above) // 8.  Cross Base Terrarium // 9.   Mobile Table Lamp (similar to the sold-out one I used) // 10.  Mid Century Console //

SHELFIE TIP: Under the Covers

Not all bookshelves must have books.  And some can have far too many...all haphazardly crammed in!

For me, books are perfect styling tools.  They add height, color and an opportunity to better display your most cherished accessories.  But the first step in styling with books should always be taking off the sleeves. 

Have you ever looked under the covers?  Once you strip away the glossy and image-laden overcoats, you'll find simple and beautiful canvases in bright whites or dark purple/navy/black hues with pretty embossed gold and silver writing.

BEFORE/AFTER: Here's one of my piles of sleeves and then a close-up of the pretty books. 

Here's how I used them in my shelfies below.  They certainly never take center stage, but they are the unsung styling heros of each vignette ;)