COLOR INSPIRATION: Salvation Mountain

Photo by  Amelia Tabullo

With the recent rain and gloom in LA, I'm really looking forward to blue skies and sunny spring days ahead!  For some color (and weather) inspiration, I went back to look at pics from a trip to Salvation Mountain this past October.  Made from adobe clay and donated paint, this art piece located 1.5 hours from Palm Springs is a total trip!  With that, here's a few photos to help brighten our days as we wait out the weather:

Above photos #2 & #4 by friend and awesome photog Amelia Tabullo!  Check out her site.  Photo #3 by Vanessa Tevault.

We also went to the Salton Sea.  Another bizarre place!  Once designed as a swanky desert beach club with visitors like Frank Sinatra and Jerry's completely desolate (AND smelly) now.  Read the full history here.