SHELFIE TIP: Under the Covers

Not all bookshelves must have books.  And some can have far too many...all haphazardly crammed in!

For me, books are perfect styling tools.  They add height, color and an opportunity to better display your most cherished accessories.  But the first step in styling with books should always be taking off the sleeves. 

Have you ever looked under the covers?  Once you strip away the glossy and image-laden overcoats, you'll find simple and beautiful canvases in bright whites or dark purple/navy/black hues with pretty embossed gold and silver writing.

BEFORE/AFTER: Here's one of my piles of sleeves and then a close-up of the pretty books. 

Here's how I used them in my shelfies below.  They certainly never take center stage, but they are the unsung styling heros of each vignette ;)