I've been slowly but surely introducing Paul to color and accessories since I met him.  Why are guys so anti-accessory?!?  He has amazing taste, but his bedroom has been in a painfully stale state of brown on tan (on even MORE brown) for years.

We are still in the process of perfecting the bedroom, but this is our first attempt at pushing his limits, while also retaining some masculinity.   The side table and rug colors are fun and playful, but remain grounded with the addition of black, grey and brass accessories.

That being said, my greatest decorating success with Paul was buying that face vase at the flea and then having him steal it for his house.  As much as I love it, I was happy to hand it over knowing that he was coming around on adding some styling pieces to his home.  Mind you...I've told him that there will be a significant mark up...I bought it for $25, but I'm thinking about charging him at least $500!!

Here's how to get the look:

Clockwise from Top left: // Face Vase (for other face vase ideas, see this post) // Marble Soap dish (I use this as a jewelry or coin holder) // Cassiopeia Water Glass //  Black/Brass Lamp (only $44 from Target Threshold) // Soapstone Whale Object // Teal Campaign Nightstand // Abstract Pillow (mine is sold out at West Elm but this one is similar) // Organic Grey Blanket (this is one of my favorite blankets...perfect as an added bed layer in the winter or alone with a sheet in the summer)

PS- I just LOVE that black/brass Target lamp!!  They have it in a few other options and I don't think I could choose which one I love the most! Soooo good!!