I LOVE design, costume parties, my girls, my guy (cat), my other guy (boyfriend Paul), my wildly inappropriate pops, and anything PUN-ny!!

I threw that last pic in there to see if you're paying attention. JK.  That's me channeling some kind of floozy. Apparently, the creativity and love of dress-up started young!  Also- I should have kept that rattan chair!!!



HOME STYLING: Stylings from my home (and any others they'll let me into).  Self-proclaimed shelfie expert with a love of all things brass, white & unexpected. #📷📚snapsfrommyshelfies

FOOD STYLING:  I may not cook, but I can make a meal look real pretty! #📷🍴snapsfrommykitchen

EXTERIOR LOVE: I'm a sucker for curb appeal, taking snaps all over town.  #📷👣snapsfrommywalks

TRAVEL SNAPS: Will travel for instagram likes. Really. #📷🌎SnapsFromMyTravels

PARTY TIME:  Themed parties, DIY costume ideas & entertaining tips.

BLOG: Design tips, trends & shopping lists.


And finally, good DESIGN is informed by good taste.  As far as that goes...

I got it from my mama!!

mama pic.jpg